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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Legend or Loser?

As you well know, if you study this blog close enough, I co-host a radio show with my good friend Mike-on-a-Bike. We are always looking for new ways to have fun on the airwaves, and usually this fun stems from making fun of Pucknell. It's true, maybe he doesn't deserve it, but its still good times. At any rate, as you may or may not know (and if the answer is not, where the hell have you been?) this past week held the most Irish of holidays: St. Patrick's day. Here at B-3 we consumed inapropriate amounts of green beer... or rum... or whisky... of, for that matter, all three (at once).
Needless to say, there were drunken antics right front and centre. There were good times, and a couple bad times stemming from old drama and maybe even a few awkward times, but mostly, they were just drunken times. It was a hell of a lot of fun.
The next day, I had the luxury of sleeping in interupted by none other than Mr. On-a-bike, who desired to hit up the VV Boutique (also known as Value Villiage). I was dressing and feeling a little hung-over when I hear our good friend paul declare: "I puked in my lecture."
Uh-oh, Paul vomited... in a lecture hall! That sort of thought ran thorugh my head. I mean, it was a pretty legendary puke at that moment already. Who pukes up their coffee in a lecture hall on friday morning?
But that wasn't the end of it! As it turns out, paul's lecture was Psych, which happens to take place in the ARC, UTSC's largest lecture hall.
So, reveling in this information, Mike and I held a phone in poll on the radio that sunday night: Paul pukes in the ARC, Legend or Loser?
The votes stacked up like this: 5 Legend, 4 Loser, 1 Fish, 1 Legendary Loser.
ahhh.... I love University.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Whoa... sorry about that

Ah yes, faithful readers (all 2 of you), I have returned!
what happened in my time off? Well, we can say that most of the interesting stuff centers around the name "Pucknell."
Let us begin with the morning after a random evening of drinking. Chui had convinced Paul's little sister to take us to the Mandarin for hangover buffet - a fine meal any day of the week. Katie (that would be Paul's sister) is a fresh G2 driver... I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I think the car wasn't in park when we were going to get into it. Well, long story short, she ended up parking the car on my foot, and then not believing me when I asked her to back up a little. The funny part was, after she did move the car, there were tire treds on my boot! Not harm was done, however, it was all in good fun.
The Pucknell centered trouble didn't end there that day, however. At the Mandarin, I was foolish enough to leave my drink unattended... coke disguises soy sauce very well. Paul, it seems, had spiked my drink with some unfriendly flavour. The whole room was in on it, people from across the dining hall were laughing at me. It was also good times.
There is another story, but I have to go... there is a radio show to put on!