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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Where have all the punk rockers gone?

I'm a little dissapointed. There was a good old fashioned indie-loud-enough-to-make-your-ears-bleed-rock show at the Res Center tonight. The bands were your typical local bands, the first one was okay, the second one was pretty damn good and third one we walked out on ...

Then what was so dissapointing? Well, it was a punk show, but there were very few punks.
"The Weirdies" as some would call them were all there, and also the "Nerd-Sluts" of E-1 and as a matter of fact, that was about it. There were a few random people like Bulgaria (that's not his name, its where he's from -- Can't remember his name for the life of me), but other than them, my roomate Ryan and I, there was a whole lot of a lack of punk rockers at the punk rock show.

My mind drifted home more than a few times during the show. I thought about the giant skanking circles at the Sauble battle of the bands -- and, ahhh... my first Mosh Pit at the same venue. Getting my face jumped on by Aaron Zorgel of Kostanza, Rocking out harder than anybody else in the middle of the Riddalin Junkys. None of this was to be had at the Res Center.

I was, understandably, somewhat upset with the lack of awesomeness. Scarborough just isn't a punk town, I guess.

The only redeeming factors were "Dear Jane, I..." an excellent Hard Rock Indie band and the feeling of your ears being cloged with wax.

Nothing like a nasty q-tip to remind you what Indie Rock is all about...

It's Hammer Time!

Yooorrrk york york york... york york, york york...

Guess where I'm goin' tomorrow? York.
Well, I guess I didn't even really give you a chance on that one. I've been at UTSC for a few weeks now, and since I live in the same city as some of my friends, I figure I can go visit them.. even if it's at a second rate institution like York
(So my school was designed by a guy who usually does prisons, and the humanities wing is often described as "The Bunker" ... I've got to have a LITTLE pride... I mean, it's my school!)
Luke and Candice are going to be a round for sure, and I want to see If i can track down Boo... But, amongst the 45,000 students (or whatever it is) I'd say it's like the proverbial needle in a hay stack. Meh, whatever... I'm goin' to York! And adventures will be had.

Straight up Muthafucka! WHOO!!!!!
-American Dave

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Inside The Eye!!!!

I went dollarstore CD shopping again.

This time, I got Skin Yard: Inside The Eye and a single by the same band called Undertow
A CD simply called B.Y.O.B. and a Greg Ginn single called Payday

Don't ask me who these bands are -- I've never heard of any of them before.

But, again, for a dollar a peice, thus far, I'd say they're worth it. You just can't go wrong for that price. If they suck, you could probably get rid of 'em at a pawn shop, and make back your dollar.

But, not to worry, for a Slovenian hair metal band, Skin Yard is pretty good.

*Rocks out*

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

*Wailin' Guitar Solo*

Would you believe me if I told you i have never heard Stariway on the Radio before?

Until now, that is...

To be a rock, and not to roll

Mmmm... Beef

There was an attack on a steamboat on the Congo -- Wait, no, that was Heart of Darkness.

Martin Sheen woke up in Siagon again -- Wait, damn, that was Apocalypse Now....

Uhh... Well, three guesses what I'm reading in Lit right now (and the first two don't count).
School is going well enough, and honestly, I don't understand why my sisters hate Heart Of Darkness so much. I'm rather enjoying it myself. Sure its thick with description - not unlike Tom Clancy...

Thomas woke up about sixteen inches from the left side of the bed on tuesday august 31st, 1984. His right foot was closer to the right side of the bed, so this must mean he was sleeping on his stomache. He raised his hand to his alarm clock, which was sitting on the desk just to the side of the bed in his bedroom. the time read 7:03. Something didn't feel right -- he couldn't place his finger on it at that time. He got up out of bed and went to the dresser. His underware and socks -- all white -- were in the first drawer. his pressed shirts in the second. he decided to wear his pink shirt today, which whould offset his pattern of brown, red, blue, grey then pink. He thought about it, but decide that if he wore the blue after the grey, then the pattern would work well. That was supposing, of course, that he didn't spill mustard on his blue shirt like he had last week. While he was working out what tie he should wear, terrorists nuked the superbowl.

... but its a good book. I like it.

At any rate, I was so engrossed in the travel up the Congo that I forgot something very very important. Tonight, there was a barbeque for the residents of A and B block...

free food.

In university life, you should never, ever turn downa free meal. Thats what I've learned, if nothing else.

Screw you Kurtz... you can go crazy in the jungle all you like... I'm gettin' a hamburger!

CO+CA... 15 days....

Monday, September 27, 2004

And Gun?

I'm working on an old idea I had.
The story, its about a guy named Warwick, and he's insane. He has a fascination with the power he preceives he has when he holds a gun.
I think its pretty good. But writing it from the first person perspective is hard...

I'm not crazy like Warwick is....

At least, I hope not.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Those jello shooters mentioned in the last post.... They can go to hell.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I suppose it was Inevitable

So, I'm standing in a Kitchen (not mine) spooning what will be jello shooters into Dixie cups, and it hits me.

I guess these guys are my friends... Paul my housemate, Matt with a super ninetndo (automatically cool) and even Shane, who's so full of shit you can almost smell it...
Thats not what was inevitable, however.
You know what they call me? Those bastards fuckin' call me...

Wiarton Willie.

Shit. I suppose I kind of expected it though. I mean, I am from Wiarton, right?

Metaphysical Genius?

I just read Terry Pratchet's A Hat Full of Sky.


All I can say is that Terry Prachet just can't write a bad book anymore. He always has something new and interesting for us to read about. And the antics of Rob Anybody and the Nac Mac Feegle are probably one of the most humerous things you will ever read in your life.
But, having read a few chapters out of a Metaphysics text book, I look at parts of these books in a new light. Miss Level, for example, one mind with two bodies... The Hiver crossing the desert... and interstingly enough, an atheistic 19th century metaphysic mixed with a 6th century theistic one. Perhaps Terry Pratchet is a Metaphisical Genius on top of a literary one....

CO+CA on the 13, not 18th... 18 days....
Klangwerk ... 19 days....

Friday, September 24, 2004


Ever notice how Beethoven's 9th sounds like it should be the soundtracker to a swashbuckling, grog-drinking, looting, pillaging, plank-walking, singing, fighting, adventureing, sailing Pirate Adventure?

"Yar Billie! Be puttin' on the Beet-Hoven ... on-this-fine-morn..."

"Aye Captain! It's on the port side speakers!"

"Captain! A Union Jack on the horizon!"

"Hoist the colours, me hearties, yo ho! Up with the Jolly Roger! Man your Own Battlestations!"

Wait... when did this pirate epic switch from Beethoven to Coheed and Cambria ... ?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

It Begins....

"You'll notice the one that you had loved in dreams is here among the others...."
Oh yes... Coheed and fuckin' Cambria.

The other day, i had a bit of a panic. My OSAP came through alright, but the value was looking a little low. And i mean, it looked a bit low to be the 60% you get in fall. I owed the school more than I had in ye olde bank account the amount i was gettgin from OSAP -- Or so I though.
I got back to my computer, sat down, and tried to figure out if i would have enough money to eat this semester. I log onto ROSI, look at my balance and gasp. It's exactly $3,500 dollars lower than its supposed to be. And then it dawns on me... I thought my scholarship came through as part of my OSAP payment. It doesn't. It get applied directly to the money i owen the school.
So this semster, I have enough money that I could buy Ritz crackers instead of the no-name ones.
Or, I could save as much for next year as possible.

But, in the end, I get an email from my good friend Motman 9000. He tells me that Coheed and Cambria are playing at the Kool Haus on October 18th, and he's got tickets...

Screw Next year... Coheed and Cambria, baby!

The Love that I've had in my dreams recently -- the love of a Coheed and Cambria concert I haven't been too yet.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wasting time.

Procrastination. Puppy making. Wasting Time. Didle Dwadaling. Fucking Around. Doin' Nothing.

Yup, It's my life....

Maybe I should get on those readings...
(More like, maybe its time to sit around and listen to the Hip and eat some cookies...)

"Your Imagination is havin' Puppies..."

Wash THIS, jerk!

Hey, isn't this an age of maturity? Or at least, shouldn't it be?
I dunno about you, but a little immaturity here and there can be fun, but there's a line, people.
I'll bet when Ford put his model T on the road, it got real dusty. And I'll bet some prick walked by, saw it, and wrote "Wash me"... Then some other prick wrote "Please" and then, a third prick drew whatever passed for a rude picture back in nineteen ought nine.
I'm willing ot bet nobody except for these three pricks found it funny back then. And you know what? I'm willing to bet it's the same way now. Maybe the pricks aren't the same, and maybe it's the UTSC grocery Van and not a Model T, but it's still just as lame.

I'll fossil YOUR haggis!

Ah yes, the mighty Fossil and Haggis.
Its the bar that UTSC students go to on tuesday night for a jolly good time with Mr. Blue, the kareokee guy. He's pretty kick-ass, let me tell you.
I have just returned from an evening at the fossil. I walked up alone, only to find my buddys English John and Nathan there. We had a few pints, sang a few songs and Now I'[m trying to type sober when I'm drunk. Such is the life of the university studnet...
Mmmm... Metaphyisics at 10am tommorow. Well, at least Seager will be interesting, even if i'm not participating actively in the class.

Fuck participation. The Fossil is much more important.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Ouch! My Scene Cred!

So I'm a CD addict, yes, but I'm also an indie rock conessuer. I'm wearing a wool tuke in the middle of september and did so all through summer. I'm probably only take it off in the the winter because thats when tukes become "Too fucking mainstreem."

Tukes totally sold out, man.

You doubt my credability as an indie rock kid? Man, I've got scene cred comin' out me arse. I had the best indie rock collection in the greater owen sound area until I moved to Scarborough. Check it out:
Sad Ninja Culture - Reinventing the Shaggs
Four Letter Favourite - The Late Night Streets EP
Perish - Marking Territory AND Music as Therapy (Unfortunetly, I do not have one of the seven copies of Dog Ear... but those songs are included on Music as Therapy)
Songs in the Key of Lurch, an Indie Rock Compilation from Southern Ontario
Jon Jerome - Green Eggs and Jam
Salem - The Demo Tape (One of the few to own this)
Wax Mannequin - Self Titled, And Gun, and The Price
Distrot - Another Useless Cure
Kostanza - Self Titled
Broken Arrow - Free Demo
Rajasi - Smiles Music Fire
An original early and very rare set of recordings by Jared Both, lead man of SNC
The New Black / Culture - how hardcore can you brush your hair ... Two guitar two voices and cello. BAM!
The Westmen (Its a barbershop CD, but its still Indie, yo)
a Recording of my high school's Spring Concert (Indie also, not indie rock, but whatever, I sang in that concert)

Never Heard of any of these Bands before? Yeah, THATS THE POINT! (You probably shower everyday... you're as un-indie as Justin Timberlake... You with your Creed CD's...)

And since moving to Scarborough, I have pciked up 6x6 Record's Anti-Hero Rock compilation and Uncle Ho, Small is Beautiful from the Risk Records label that is now no longer in existence. And I pay a low low indie price of One dollar for each.
Furthermore, Up untill a few minutes ago, I was the one of two people confrimed to own (there are three others who MAY own) a copy of a certain SNC song called 'Tragic Heroes'.
I had to share it by request of the song writer, but damn... It took a hit out of my scene cred. I can't make the same claim anymore.
Oh well, at least I can still always be remembered for my spoken word jam rendition of "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
Now THAT, That's fuckin' Indie.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


When you have a blog thats called "Pirates are cool", you've got to feel stupid when you forget it's INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

there's still two hours and 16 minutes left... I can redeem myself yet!


There be fish and chips on this fine morn... off the port side... billie.

Party on Wayne!

You want to know what happened here at UTSC this weekend? Jack and shit, and Jack left town (and took most of the campus with him).
There was nothing going on anywhere...
So I'll tell you what I did. I watched the entire first season of Futurama on DVD. My ass kinda hurts, and I feel kinda stupid, but damn, Bender is the shit. The SHIT, I say.
And then i made Chicken catchetory... I dunno if thats how you spell it, but whats it matter when you can MAKE it?
After that, Mike on a bike showed up. He came here in his car (instead of on his usual bike) to find that there were three people drinking at E-3, and that was all that was going on. Since he didn't want to have to sit and watch people drink, he sat and watched Futurama with me, and then we ate frozen Joe Loius.
Because, yes, "Joe Loius taste better when frozen" -(Gord, the fat gopher/god of parties and other good times)
As uneventful as that may sound, in between I did some real school work and was reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. I did some thinking on it and came up with this:

Being Consequence Free isn't living.

So... Great Big Sea perhaps should think about what they're singing when they say "I want to be consequence free" ... If being consequence free like Dorian Gray is being Evil, then, technically, it has something to do with Satan, right? And if those crazy extreemist christians are right, then the devil's message is in music that isn't christian music... so, if we use deductive reasoning...


In conclusion, Pirates are cool. Thank you and goodnight.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Infinetly devine

I fall in love with music far too easily.
Today's song for the moment is 'Wishing you Would Stay' from the Tea Party's latest album, Seven Circles.

I'm wishing you would stay
-I am not far away....

I'm trying to find my way, love
-You are not lost, my love...

I don't really know why music gets into my blood so easily. But I do know that I like it.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Play an E jerk!

Professor Seager was in full form this morning pulling out some really random ideas. Making analogies to the matrix and star trek. But nothing about torching cats today... No ethecis were discussed. That is, after all, another branch of philosophy.

The point is, the metaphysical discussions we had instead of a lesson inspired me to create two new stories today. Two!


Today I wrote the first short peice called 'The Metaphysics of Being'.

Guess what? As usual, it isn't a happy ending.

Why is my writing always so depressing?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

What the Fuck is Metaphysics?

I just had a metaphysical thought... or, at least I thought I did, until I realised it wasn't metaphysical at all

Woke up this morning...

In what was probably my first panic moment at university, I said 'Where the fuck is my key?'


What am I supposed to do now? 'It's fuckin' game over, man'.
It's okay, I looked around a bit and found it hiding behind Plant, my houseplant. I'm not really sure what kind of Plant he is, but he's not too tough to look after.
My question is; how did my key get there? I didn't put it there. I wasn't drunk last night, and I went to bed early like a good student with a 9am class about Judaism. Last I checked, my key was always where I put it.
Why did It move?
As thus, an inspiration was born partly of my key adventure and partly of my sister's Blog... Why not create my own? I mean, what the fuck? Could be fun. Another way to procrastiante, right?


So, last night I experience the joy of the grocery van for the first time. It's driven by Miles, a friend of my (other) sister's. I had met him at the Fossil the previous night (we'll save the story of the fossil for another day). For a mere two dollars, you get a free ride in a huge van to the grocery store and then a ride back.
But it's not just a grocery store... It's a plazza, and there is a dollarville, or some other random place like that. And this dollarville has a CD rack.

I have a massive CD addiction.

Lets just say i bought a few CD from Indie record labels that went out of existence a few years ago. Uncle Ho from Denmark, well, for a dollar their CD was more than worth it. And The Anti-Hero rock compilation, well, It's a real prize.