Pirates are Cool.

Captured bits of life... Pirates at no extra cost. Arrrg. Also cool: Zombies, Aliens, Ninjas, Dinosaurs, Vikings, the Noble River Horse, the Sinister Octopi, Robots and Kittens.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Emo Ghost

This is the emo-ghost. I drew him on Halloween. He's going to a Dashboard Confesional concert. I'm sure he will have a good time. Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Dinosaurs are still cool

Right after Pirates, zombies and ninjas, dinosaurs clock in at cool.

I went to the ROM last night with a few friends, and the best part had to be looking at the dinosaurs. It's such a social stigma to believe that Dinosaurs are for children. Lets face it, ginat lizards are cool.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Time Consumer ... Time Consume Me

I found a new way to occupy my time today. I signed up for the NaMoWriMo contest. Yes, in the month of Novemeber, I'm going to write 50,000 words worth of novel in the month of november. And, as a matter of fact, I'll be blogging it. It'll be called "Crisis of Idealism: A Space Opera" which sounds real impressive now, but might turn out as utter drivel. Such is the life. Feel free to check it out, I'll be creating that blog tonight.

In other news, I'm working furiously on finding a publisher for my epic story "Oh Shit". The story doesn't fit solidly into any particular genra, so finding a publisher isn't easy. I was ready to submit it to one literary magazine, until I found their maximum word count, which was just about half the length of my story. Its too short to be a novel (or even a novella), but too long to be a short story. Damn.

In Other other news, I bought posters today. I got this sweet Radiohead OK Computer that goes beyond Majestic and I finally own my very own Army of Darkness movie poster. YES!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Emo Goggles

You know those thick rimmed glasses that Emo kids wear?

yeah, the one thing I need to complete my transformation into an emo kid...

Well, from now on in, I'm calling them Emo Goggles.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wait a tick -- there isn't even any snow yet!

"Where can we get a louge?"

"I dunno man, but I wish I did"

"So do I..."

Monday, October 25, 2004

Girls and Pills

I dragged my way home from Metaphysics today. It was a late night finishing off the Dubliners, seeing as how I was being tested on the content today. I was tired and Metaphysics wasn't all the exciting (No exam results until at least friday.
I get in the door and see it -- A Package.

I hope thats for me.

It was for me all right. I wasn't expecting this package for some weeks to come. My very own copy of Flickerstick's newest album that isn't even out in stores yet camed along side their recent EP/DVD, featuring video footage from the Causing A Catastrophe live album and Six new songs!
Exciting stuff, Let me tell you.
Flickerstick got a little louder, a little angrier, a little better and in some cases, a little more like a Pink Floyd sound-alike.
In other news, the English Midterm went rather well today. It was a collection of short answer questions and an interesting essxay about the loss of transcedental Certitude and how it relates to people's perception of reality.
To celebrate my completion of midterms, I played Prince of Persia for an hour and listened to Flickerstick.


Friday, October 22, 2004

Of tea bags and boxer shorts

Last night was one of those night that you just couldn't focus. So what if I have three mid-terms today? I was sitting in my room with Mike on a Bike and Ryan, looking at some music when Paul walked in and said to Ryan, "hey man, do you got a Tea bag I can have?" He made a round shape with his fingers when he said this. Mike and I looked at each other, then started laughing.
It was pretty damn funny. In a good natured way, Paul says "Fuck off, I just want some tea. You guys are bastards." Then he laughed too, because it was funny. After this, it was impossible to focus on Renaissance music anymore, despite what we tried, and we ended up playing The Patient by Tool on our guitars.
Later on, my roommate told me about his lucky boxers. He's afraid that if he wears them too often, the luck will run out. Sometimes, he thinks he should use them, but then thinks 'I might need them more later'.

What is it exactly that makes something lucky? I'm not sure, but I think my toque might be lucky (it's not cold enough for it too have sold out yet...) Why? Well, because last night I decided it should be, and my Metaphysics exam was the easiest five questions I've ever had to answer for a test in my life (relatively speaking, of course. In grade two, I used to mix up 6 and 9, and questions involving them were hard. Now I don't even think about addition).

Good ol' lucky toque ...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


somewhere between confusing Vivaldi and Handel and a series of rough coffs, I realised my laundry should be dry.

Should be.

There's nothing more dissapointing than fidning a pile of wet laundry in a drier. Man, that waste of time cost me a buck. And to add insult to injusry, I have a stupid cold. Stupid Cold.

The Injustice of it all!

Monday, October 18, 2004

This is home

In my infintie insecurity, I recently went through another low time in my life. It seemed like I was outside of the life of everybody else. I went to york and saw how well everybody I knew was doing there, and thought about how I felt like I had no friends at UTSC.
Then something happened. I went home. I saw my family, and not a single one of my friends (although I talked toa few on the phone).
By the end, I realised that I had fun at home, but I wanted to go home. This is home. here. Scarborough.
And I don't feel bad anymore. I'm in a band with Mike on a Bike. My roommate and I hang out. My housemates are generaly pretty good guys. I spent saturday evening tlaking to Andy and, well, mostly his girlfriend, who went to the same elementry school as I did.

I'm not alone here... This is my home.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

A song for the moment

Todays song for the moment: Halloween by 3.
That dude that rocked multiple socks at CO+CA? Yeah, I've become very attached to his music ...
We'll build a tower inside of his head that toppels every hour, renders him dead. We'll put him in a blender see how he does, untill he doesn't remember the boy that he was... This is Halloween

Its so infectious. I can't stop listening to it... Summercamp Nightmare will be mine...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Coheed and Cambria, Pt II

It started with a dude on the stage with a guitar, and he rocked multiple socks.
Then there were six dudes on the stage, and except for the keyboard played who rocked out hardcore (and didn't play keyboard at all) through the whole set, the sucked it up large. Not a single sock was rocked... Except maybe the keyboardist's.
And thus were the open acts. 3 was unable to make it across the border for the most part, hence the solo act (but still a good act). Underoath sucked. Sucked large. Sucked so much, in fact, that the one person in the place who liked them kept yelling out a name of a song and they didn't play it. Jerks.
Then, there were roadies.
After that, there was darkness. And cheering, because darkness means only one thing...

They're Coming...

The voice of Samuel L. Jackson pumps out of the bank of speakers ... "I almost gave up hope..." The infamous speech from the end of Unbreakable "... they're usually friends, David! Just like you and me!"
And then...

CLAUDIO!!!! scream the masses. His hair takes up what seems like half the stage

Travis Micheal and Joshua are not so far behind. They take up their positions, and after a breif nod to one another, they bust into Three Evils. And it rocked. And there was rocking out.
Before the night was over, they played Blood Red Summer, the entire Camper Velorium trilogy, Neverender, Devil in Jersey City, A Favour House Atlantic, The Crowing...
And then, they left the stage. Anticipating the encore, I wished for In Keeping Secrets of a Silent Earth: 3 . It didn't come. Instead, there was The Light & The Glass, which really was a close second. Claudio let the crowd sing a number of parts, but we missed our que on "You're father's dead he passed in his sleep!" ... But oh, he made us sing it the next time, he made us. The song was so intense and so worthy an encore that I couldn't complain. They polished it off, and I was prepared to go when....

Rinnnggg.... Rinnnggg

I thought My voice was dead after The Camper Velorium III: Al The Killer ("Let this colony know, in the name of the dead, we're coming!" screamed a whole bunch) But no, I found new energey. I knew that ring. I knew it all too well... Coheed and Cambria closed with In Keeping Secrets of a Silent Earth: 3. It was so huge, I can't even being to describe it properly.

Coheed totally made up for that crappy assed opening act.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hmm Hmm, I like Taters

Walking from Metaphysics to Lit, the emo kid infront of me asks his friend "Why does this campus smell like potatoes!?!"

I don't know buddy, I don't know.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Coheed and Cambria, Pt I

Tonight is Coheed and Cambria eve.
I'm pretty excited.
Man your own Fork and Knife! Man your Eating station! We'll have you Fed pretty soon!
wait a minute, thats not quite right...

CO+CA ... 1 day!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Does Captain Kirk play Squash?

I drove past a store called "Warp 9 Sports" today. Is it just me, or is that kind of an oxymoron? Last I checked, Jocks don't watch star trek, and Trekkies don't play sports...

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Domo Arigoto

You know those Uber-Posh asian guys you see on the subway?

I'm pretty sure they're Robots.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My Professors think they're funny... Oh wait, they are.

So, we were discussing ideology in Metaphyiscs this morning, and Berkley's concept of reality came up (after all, that's what the lecture was on). Berkley says that we all experience things the same way because God controls our Perception... He's like Descarte's Evil Genuis (At least, I think it was descatre who said that... ) The object we preceive don't really exist, just the implanted perceptiosn taht God gives us. One of my fellow students (Can I say under-grads? It makes me feel important) said "If God is omnipotent, why doesn't he just create a beach and hang out there all day? It's got to be more fun than controliong all perception."
I, feeling smart, replied "If he's omnipotent, why can't he do both at the same time?"
Then, Seager pipes in "Yes, that's right. God's Wireless."

But that wasn't the end, oh no. I went to Garry Leonard's intro to 20th Century Lit lecture right afterwards. This is probably the funniest prof ever, and is most likely the evil twin of my high school english teacher.
We were, that is to say, Professor Leonard was talking about Heart of Darkness... It was another hour-long five minute introduction to a video clip (he's the king of tangents). "What is an apology?" He says. "'I'm sorry I took your pen.'" he used as an example for an apology. His lecture turned towards the reactions you get out of an apology. "What am I supposed to do with 'Sorry'? Write with it?"

... I guess you had to be there ...

CO+CA ... Seven Days

That's Kosher!

Because the [food] laws are so comprehensive, observant Jews need to know what is in commercially packaged foods ... There are two large supervisory bodies whose insiginia -- a small K or U in a circle -- are are particularily omnipresent on package labels. They can often be found on such unexpected foodstuffs as Easter eggs and Chocolate Santa Clauses.
It took me a minute, as a Christian, to really understand this passage from World Religions: Western Traditions as edited by Willard T. Oxtoby... but when it dawned on me, I laughed. I mean, it's a little absurd when you think about it. I always wondered what the U on my easter bunny meant.

Lets face it -- it was shite

"Absolute Shite."

Playing pool with English John is always fun. Especially when he's made a poor shot.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I didn't write anything yesterday...

My fingers were frozen.

What ever happened to the pleasantly cool days at the beginning of fall? Since when does it drop to ten degree after a day Twenty-two?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

A weekend trip to York

As you may or may not know, A lot of my friends attend York University. And as you can probably gather from my not-so-aptley named post "It's hammer Time", I went to this place this weekend.

In the end, it made me homesick.

But that doesn't mean I didn't have a good time. It just means I was forced to accept just how much I miss all my friends. Oddly enough, going home wouldn't solve anything, because my friends would still be gone. So Is it really homesickness? That's immaterial. I'm not really an emo kid, I just dress kinda like one sometimes, so I'm not going to dwell on it.
It all started off when my roomate and I went to the Go station to wait for his girlfriend. She beat us there. I missed my bus ... hehehe I don't know why, but I find that incredibly amusing ... So I caught the next one. They come evey half hour. It cost me four bucks, but I got to York in less than an hour (as opposed to the more than three hours home on the TTC -- but thats another story)
Candice told me she was going to try and meet me there, but when I got off the bus, she wasn't there. 'Whatever,' I say to myself. 'I'll find my way.' I had been talking to J-Bo earleir in the week, and he had given me directions to Tatham Hall, so I started out the way he said to go... and ran across a map of the campus. Damn that J-Bo! He got it backwards! Or so I thought at the time...

York is big and stupid.

Big because 45,000 students go there. Stupid because their maps are backwards. The top of the map, the part you'd expect to be infront of you, well, guess what... It's actually behind. For once, J-bo's instructions help up under scrutiny... or, at least they pointed me in the right direction and road signs helped me out in the end.

So after getting lost at York I got to Luke's room, only to find that he was out scouring the campus for me. His roommate, Rab, let me in.
Later that daym Luke and I argued over who's roommate would win in a fight, mine or his. Definetly mine.
After a bunch of haning out and wandering around campus and at one point eating, Lucas, Candice, a girl who I had just met named Casie and I decided to go to the movies. Movies friken rule, yo. On the way I ran into T-Banks... ahh, camp...
And thus we went... after much deliberation, we decieded that Shawn of the Dead started too late and we didn't want to see ... uhh... mr. 3000, I think... so, we saw Ladder 49, the fireman movie. I'll get into that in a later post (the same one that'll descripe my TTC ride home). I will, however, say that any movie with Joaquin Pheonix AND Robert Patrick is the shit. Robert Patrick is one of my most favourite actors. It was actually a very good fireman movie.
After that, we hung out at luke's dorm room (It was fuckin' HUGE.. we had more'n eight people just chillin out, lying on the floor and sitting on chairs and shit) with some people, one of whom was named Tim. He was a pretty cool guy.
The reason I mention Tim is that the next morning, at breafast, somebody made a "Your Mom" joke... Normally they're pretty pathetic, but then HE said "Your Queen Mom!" Its funny because he's American! I just about died laughing, but then I saw J-Bo.
Yes, J-Bo was at york and not at home and I got to hang out with him for a while. It was freakin' sweet.
More to come...