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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Biblical Wind

I was walking home from The Bible and Literature this morning with Jack. It was really windy. This gust blew up and drowned out all other sound, we staggered into the force of it, and a full black garbage bag was pushed, it did not roll, into the middle of the road.
Jack says "Woah, that wind is Biblical. I've got to stop sinning."
Ahhh, apocalypse jokes...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Scarborough Wildlife

I look out my window at 11pm to see Ryan throwing peice of popcorn into the lawn. His arms puts a lot of effort into it, but they don't really go anywhere. "Damn pop-corn, it just doesn't fly."
Ryan is trying to feed a rabbit. It looks sort of funny from my angle on the second floor.
"Yo, this is so crazy" he says.
"What, a rabit?"
"In the wild."
"No big deal."
"James, you're from Wiarton, I'm from Toronto."
I guess Ryan has a point.

All I want is some beef stew.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I hate spam comments

They cheese me off. I mean, really, c'mon. If you think I'm going to follow some advertising link just because some automated message said my Blog was good, you've got the wrong idea. I'd much prefer some real feedback. Stupid spam comments...

Monday, September 26, 2005

dark and cold

It got really cool tonight, and unusually dark for scarborough. Its sort of neat. I think fall is coming.
Last night, the Radio show didn't air because we couldn't get the key for the station. Some paper-work miss-understandings. So, instead, Mike and I decided that some video games were in order. We weren't up for anything to predictable, so we started to download Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters. This is like The Space adventure game. Its the epitome of awesome, and also the first computer game I ever played through. It was very nostalgic, made me think of grade six and seven, Josh, and hyperspace maps. It took for freaking ever, though, so we played some X-Com in the mean time. Another real classic game. In short, I managed to get Gavin and Mike addicted to this game.
I think the most exciting part is naming the characters after people you know. Sending Paul, Fang, and April in to battle hiddeous aliens is awesome. If somebody dies, you can just name a new character after them. Add a Roman numeral in to indicate how many times they're passed, and it makes it more fun. Drop in a few literarty characters and a few politicians and befor too long you've got Dirk Pitt II, Bram Stoker, Bob Dole IV and your housemate Gavin backed up to a wall in an alien base, hoping that the Floater doesn't hit you with a Blaster Launcher. If only Minka II had enough action points for a long range auto shot ...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Expl0sions in the Sky.
Dig it.

I was introduced to this band in the summertime and have since fallen in love with them. They are an incredible instrumental rock band that makes me wonder if the world can be changed by music. The songs, like Six Day At The Bottom Of The Ocean move and grow organically. the sound isn't quite like anything I've heard before, it's soothing without being too relaxed. There are undertones of deep emotion that you can't put your finger on when you listen to it. The music of Explosions in the Sky offers something new to me every time I hear it. It's truthfully a wonderful thing when you can listen to music this good and read something as fascinating as Plato's Republic and have a kernel of anticipation growing inside of you. The radio show is tonight... There is something going right here.

With Love and Devotion, I'll die as you Sleep

And so it begins. When I moved out of scarborough last spring, I said it was the end of an era - the B-3 era. But really, it wasn't over. The spirit of that era - the heiniken sign, the hulk hogan picture on the wall, the theme parties organised largely by Ryan Paul and Myself - it never really died though. It came back last night. The semester pulls into full swing properly this weekend with the First successful J-1 theme party. Drop-D radio is back on the air tonight. I'm feelin' good about it.

"Believer, you'll leave her."

Some highlights from last night - Neil wearing a mardi-gras mask and just sitting there staring at the person who owned the mask. Random Polish beers that really did my in. The Tyskie tasted like goat's piss. Jeremy showing up in a New Orleans T-Shirt and dancing like a madman. The hats that Paul bought us. If there was a picture that I had, oh man. Our nicely decorated house - full of streamers and christmas lights - and the subsequent ripping down of teh strams by Ryan. A drunken irish fist fight with ryan while waiting for the bathroom was definitely a highlight.
All in all... a good night.

Tonight, Goodnight, I'm Burning Star Four

The mardi Gras party continues into the wee hours of the morning. I'm sittingon the arm of the chair in my room, I can hear Adam outside. I'm sort of upset he had to drop political philosophy. He's a good guy. I'm drunk. I'm not sure what I'm doing in my room right now. Perhps just certifying my existence by explainging how I currently am on the internet. I just put on Apollo I: The Writing Writer. Tonight, Goodnight, I'm burning star four. Polish beer did me in. Pat bought it for me becaue i told him to get me random imports. Maybe in the end this was a good party. I've been having fun. Mardi gras in the fall with no respect towards new orleans. Should we do this? does it matter? Did anybody put money in the bucket we kept for the red cross and hurricane katrina victems?
I'm havig too much fun for this to be right.
I'm nearly drunk enough to stop typing.
I'm nearly ready tro pass out
I haven't even ahd that much to drink.
I haven't had anything to drink since frosh when i saw slaon and drank guiness at noon.
why did this have to end this way?
Maybe next time.
The end of somethign importanthappened today. Does this Mean I'm next?

"Goodnight. I'll see you... in my dreams"

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Space Truckers

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and checked out this bargain DVD bin at the grocery store. Probably not a good idea, when you get right down to it. I found Space Truckers. I've heard of this movie, you might not have.

It was $4.99

I couldn't leave it behind.
Shitty B movie? I think so. Worth every penny of the five dollars I spent on it, though. Ridiculous in every way, so predictable it almost hurt and highly entertaining altogether. Excellent special effects for a budget film and there was some good evil robot fight scenes. Oh, and there is definetly a Pirate ship in space. Witha peg legged captain. He's a big wuss as far as characters go, but the rest of the space pirates are freaking awesome.

What other film would allow us such insane ideas as trucker hats on the moons of jupiter?

The ideas some people have... I mean, honestly... Space Truckers?

Drop the D again, Mike

Season II. Drop D radio is back and better than ever, because Mike an I have had four months to come up with fresh ideas. We're dropping back on the internet airwaves this sunday at around 10pm. I would remind you all that sometimes we're a bit late as per the organisational issues and the key, but it's all good. Even if we're late, we're going to be on, we promise.
In case the link on my sidebar passed you by: www.fusionradio.ca will take you to where you need to go.
Expect more 80's, more Alternative rock, and more phone polls about Paul Pucknell. Or, at least, more phone polls. Damn, that was fun.
I hope you will all tune in.

I'll listen to you talk the whole night through

Right now I'm listening to Mer de Noms and hearing it like I've never heard it before. The music is playing directly to me right now, and it is quite possibly one of the most amasing experiences I've ever had with a CD I've owned for years. The music is entierly different from the last time - any time - I listened to it. And it is something wonderful. It is taking me somewhere great, and I almost wish it wouldn't end.

I can't even articulate what it's like, really.

What brought this about? Is it my mood? I had a discussion tonight with Jan, and he said that you could take Maynards song titles and use them to cover the whole range of human emotion. Like, "I'm feeling very 3 Libras today". And if you listen to Tool and APC, you know exactly what this person means. It is very true, I realised, once Jan told me this. It inspired me to throw on Mer De Noms, and that was it. What sort of album ends with a huge violin building up to a climax of -- nothing. The track and the CD are just over. There is some underlying genius behind this music. And what it is, I can't say, but I can tell you this:
I'm definetly feeling very Thomas today. Maybe a little Outsider, but definetly Thomas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My mind scratches for the answers

Yesterday, I went to the mall with the express purpose of getting the new Coheed and Cambria album. I had to get it the first day it was out, since I'm a big dork. The interesting thing about this album is how it fits into the Coheed and Cambria story line. Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, volume one: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness is a very particular album, because its an external narrative of the narrative. A fictional storyline about the person who is writing the fictional storyline. The really fucked up part is this: the Coheed and Cambria story affects the life of the writer as the writer's life affects the Coheed and Cambria story. So, in some inseprable way, you can't get the whole story without this external narrative. And the story of this narrative, as near as I can interpret it is nearly as messed up as that of the original Coheed and Cambria story. It involves two former lovers who are having problems because one wrote the other into the story. Its crazy awesome. What does it all mean?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Stupidest Contest Ever

"I dare you to lick it."

-Algea Covered Rock
-The Soccer Feild
-A Tire
-A Boat
-A Mail Box
-Gravel Shoulder of Presqu'ile Road
-Boulder Park
-Front Gate
-Rotary Internation Sign
-Knife on the Floor
-The Inside of a Birkenstock
-Ford's Back
-DZ's Collar
-Canoe Paddle
-Lawn Chair
-A Brick in a Fire Pit (While the Fire was Burning)
-A Crystal
-Bottom of a Bench
-Green "X" on Scheduel
-Wheel of a Skateboard
-The Chalky Basketball Court
-T-shirt Box
-#2 Sweater
-"The Puddle"

Ahhh... what a great summer.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Look out! It's got Mandibles!

This morning I was called over to K-3 for the dubious task of Beetle killing. A friend of mine was having troubles in dealing with said beetle herself, and thus I was lured in with the promise of a piece of pie in exchange for the services of my left shoe brandished as a weapon. Imagine my surprise when Meaghan provides me with a discription of the beetle and says that it is basically three inches long. Even accounting for exageration as a result of a fear of beetles, thats a pretty big beetle. I got a little weary of this mission, and looked cautiously around for the now missing giant bug. Finding nothing, I hung around and had a peice of pumpkin pie. When about half of that delicious wedge remained, I caught some movement out of the side of my eye. The beetle was cornered. Upon further inspection, it was not as large as I had been informed, but as I had been hired to goosh it, I did so. the question now remains, was the beetle I killed the one that we were looking for, or another entierly unrelated bug? Only time will tell.


I hit up my brother's pad for dinner tonight. He's at George Brown for culinary managment, and he's been in a kitchen for years, so he knows his shit when it comes to cooking. Although it was a simple meal of pasta with sausages, it was damn good and I think it might have been the best meal I've had since I returned to the city. It was good to see him and his girlfriend, as well as their two cats. I got used to the cats, as I lived with them all summer. The apartment is awesome, I wish I could live there... it was honestly the shit.
On a somewhat unrealted note, I went on the subway for the first time since I came back and I am pleased to report that Escalators are still fun and have not entierly lost their novelty. I also listened to the Death Cab for Cutie album Plans on the way there and on the way back... good subway music. I'm down with it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This time it's more than just Metaphysics

Republic? Republic! Don't give me any of that Republic jibber-jabber, Plato! And what the hell are you doing in my cave!?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Lame Life Goal

If you set your standards low, you're more likely to succeed - I don't mean this in a bad way, like, "as long as I pass I'm happy," I mean it in a sort of posative way. Lets take, for example, some of my life goals. The big ones are things like 'publish a novel,' 'become a teacher', stuff like that. Not easy, but certainly achievable. More achievable than 'make sixteen million dollars' would be.
Which brings me to my small time life goals - things like 'get my name on the five year staff member plaque at Presqu'ile' (two more years to go) and 'see Sloan preform The Other Man live' ... oh wait, I saw Sloan for free yesterday, and they played The Other Man as an encore. One more life goal checked off. Yes! I feel so accomplished. The concert wasn't that great, I mean, it's sloan so I wouldn't have payed for it. But, for free, I'm not complaining. Controller Controller opened. I was down with that. Good times, free concert, lame life goal.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Omega Phi Delta

Mike started a fraternity. I was told I was a memeber. Well, there you go. Original member of UTSC's first Frat, Omega Phi Delta.

... One last kiss for you, One last wish for you ...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

With Nothing Left to Lose...


What more can I say, but it feels good to be home. Scarborough, despite what my sister might say, isn't all bad. I've been here for all of a day, and I have to admit, after the summer of CD theft and living in a tent, its good to have my computer with all of it's tunes back. Those bastards made off with both The Second Stage Turbine Blade and In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3... Which just means I'm goig to have to buy them again when Good Appollo I'm burnig Star IV Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness comes out in... exactly two weeks. The Coheed Concert Countdown can begin... November Ninth... Perhaps I'm a little to excited about what this band is offering. Oh well.
Not much has happened since I got to scarborough, except that I moved in, realised I have no food, and had some fun hanging out last night. Everyone is here... even Brian and Andy, who I thought were not returning. It's good to see everyone, its good to have my tunes, its good to think that I'll have a granola bar for breakfast/dinner if i don't go hunt down some food soon and its damn good to know I live with Paul, Ryan and Gavin because, lets face it, they're good people and generally fun. As long as we do the dishes, it should all work out.

... Sweet Josaphine, will you follow me home? ...